Al-Hashmi-School-Building_GujratAl-Hashmi Welfare Foundation provides free education to poor and helpless people. For this purpose, we launched a religious institute in which students learn both religious and spiritual education. Which was established at Pindi Miani Post office, Jalal Pur Jattan District, Gujrat on 01-01-2015 which is known as ‘’Al-Jamia Al-Islamia Qutbia Naeemia’’ on the occasion of Urs Mubarik of Hazrat Qutab-Ud-Din Hashmi by hands of respective Peer Mian Ashraf sahib,Syed Sandeel Shah, Peer Usama Naeem Hashmi, Chudry Munir Hussain, Abdullah Naeem Hashmi, . Children of poor and helpless people are studying there free of cost and are enjoying facility of hostel.

We also launched a school named ‘’ Al-Hashmi Foundation school system (Noor campus)’’ located at the same area fully English medium and under supervision of highly qualified staff.

We are providing them free uniforms, books, items of daily usage. And also organize their sports competitions and extra curricular activities for students for their good and better health and also for their good growing mental approach. Students participate in such activities with full zeal.

Building of this project is under construction and we aimed to launch such projects at many cities and villages for promotion of education in such segments.


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