Aims & Objectives


Major aims are listed below:

  1. Serve for humanity
  2. Strive for charity and relief
  3. Equal opportunities
  4. Provide of medical, education and socioeconomic
Details of objectives can be summarized into the following:

  1. To support dialog among various communities for peace and harmony.
  2. To act as a think tank for national regional and international issues.
  3. To serve humanity whenever and where ever needed.
  4. To diffuse use to knowledge in arts, science, scientific research, engineering, technology and promotion of literature, political education and allied subjects.
  5. To organize relief work in time of plug, famine, academic or disaster of any other occasion independently or with collaboration of individual or Association or Organization.
  6. To provide medical and welfare facilities and other amenities, disable and infirm persons, the destitute and the orphans.
  7. To provide monetarly assistance in the shape of stipends, scholarships, grant or other assistance or otherwise for enabling meritorious and deserving students.
  8. To build hospitals, dispensaries, health care centers and make arrangements for poor and deserving persons for premedical treatment.
  9. To establish healthy relations with similar organizations and institutions in Pakistan.
  10. To apply international standard and to maintain a living and growing information base.
  11. To do such other legal act either by itself or in conjunction with other organizations /persons as the Foundation may consider necessary and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  12. To be engaged in and pursue any other charitable object, not involving the carrying on of my business activity.
  13. To take such action as may be necessary to coordinate activities of foundation with other societies and organization with similar objects.
  14. Generally to do all such things as may be incidental or conducive for attainment of the object of the foundation or any of them.


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